3 Reasons to Start a Blog

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In 2008, I started my first blog. It was a simple place to document my days and share pictures of my children. Whenever I finished a post, I would let my family know that an update was available. It was a way that I could share our move to Arizona without clogging up their email with pictures. 

Years later, I’m so thankful to still have this blog - including the clumsy beginnings. I’m thankful to look over my writing and see growth, common themes, and countless friendships made! 

You have landed in the right spot, if you need a gentle nudging to start a blog. 

A blog is the perfect way to practice writing. It is a great place to store and ponder ideas. You are under no obligation to tell anyone about your blog, but when you are ready, it serves as a wonderful place to send someone to read something you have written. The instant feedback you can receive can help you know if you are resonating with readers. 

These practice posts become your portfolio. Without realizing it, I’ve built years of work to submit whenever requested. 

There are many social media platforms, but a blog is still my favorite. I’ve seen people lose their Instagram accounts. I’ve lost a Twitter account with over 18,000 followers. (A miserable, wonderful, and humbling lesson in attachment to things of this world.) But one thing that cannot be taken is my copy of the email addresses I’ve collected over the years. On my blog, I ask people to subscribe to the blog. A few times a year, I print out the email addresses so that I will always have them. 

One day, these subscribers will be your cheerleaders and encouragers. When a new opportunity arises, they'll be the first to rejoice with you. I do not know a better place to gather email addresses of people who love your writing. 

AMDG - All for the glory of God! The minute you feel yourself slipping into wanting the credit, hoping for attention, and yearning for recognition, you know that you’ve fallen into doing something for the wrong reasons. This constant litmus test is a gift! 

Colossians 10:31 So, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.


To learn more about Kate, you can visit her site at songskatesang.com.


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