Coaching Opportunities

Claire Dwyer

I am a solidly Catholic spiritual director and experienced mentor and small group leader. I combine my experience as a developmental editor and writer myself with strong strategic coaching and spiritual direction skills to help you not only tell your story, but know it and embrace it in light of the story of salvation!  

You see, writing from a Catholic worldview, even if your writing isn't overly spiritual, is very different and benefits from a collaboration with someone who shares your perspective.

My background is Catholic spiritual theology and spiritual direction; my experience is helping writers and authors organize their ideas and tell their signature stories by asking the right questions and listening deeply: What has God done in your life?  Where is He leading you?  How have you responded?  What is He revealing to you about Himself and what is He asking you to communicate about His glory and His mercy and His truth to the world?

I desire to help free you, as a writer, to discover and unpack the deepest truths the God has revealed in your life and prayer, your sufferings and joys, and then help you to communicate them creatively and compellingly. 

Before our coaching hour, I’ll ask you your top 3 goals for our conversation. 

Some of the things I can help you with in our time together:

  • Dig into the “why” you are writing to gain clarity and purpose
  • Identify and clarify the ‘big idea’ for a book project or series of articles
  • Discern which idea or topic to write about when you have more than one in mind 
  • Clarify the universal message your story illustrates
  • Find and hone your authentic, recognizable writing voice
  • Identify your ideal readers and how write for them
  • Uncover the “promise” your writing should offer
  • Discover and discuss your creative ‘angle’
  • Name your experiences, frame your stories, and craft your message
  • Talk through and choose the parts of your story that are integral to the telling of it on a universal level
  • How to make your message “land” - what are you leaving people with?
  • Encourage confidence in your voice, message, and calling
  • Get unstuck, find energy and reclaim enthusiasm around writing
  • Get your writing ideas organized and create a rhythm and routine that works for you
  • Goal-setting: both big-picture and “next right thing”

I’ll leave you with a prayer, a few action items and follow-up with notes from our conversation.

Are you a Catholic coach, speaker, influencer, or business leader?  I can help you identify, clarify, and communicate your best brand stories.  There’s nothing like the right story to elevate your presence, your message, and your offerings. 

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      Mike Fontecchio

For the past 25 years, I have worked as a graphic designer, production director, operations manager, and publishing coach in the Catholic publishing industry. I've been blessed to work with many wonderful Catholic authors, editors, designers, and printers. I especially love working with first-time authors and those who are ready to make the move to self-publishing. You can learn more about me, the work I do, and samples of my work by visiting my site Faith & Family Publications here.

I'd love to learn more about you and the project God has put on your heart!

'Get Published' is a one-hour coaching session for writers who have completed their manuscript and desire to move forward with getting their work published. In this online session we'll meet virtually and discuss:

  • Your publishing goals and desires
  • The publishing options available to you
  • How the publishing process works, including how to:
    • Get your manuscript edited
    • Get your cover designed
    • Get your interior pages designed
    • Get setup for sale in print and ebook format on Amazon
    • Get your author website setup
    • Get a promotional plan in place, including the book launch and beyond
    • Estimated costs for each step
    • Best practices to help you succeed in your publishing goals

Once we've completed our session, a detailed follow-up plan will be provided to you. From there, you'll have the tools you need to take the next steps in your publishing journey.

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Dual-Coaching with Claire & Mike

In this sixty-minute session, we'll discuss your writing and publishing goals and together provide you with our best suggestions on how to continue to make progress and move forward in your writing journey.

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