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Note from Claire: In November, we interviewed Amy Brooks, Founder of Catholics Online, in our PraiseWriters community. During our time together, she shared that she felt called to found her community because of the lack of a supportive Catholic community among influencers online.

There was a question asked by a member just as our interview was ending and Amy promised to respond to later in writing.  Her answer was so articulate and thoughtful that I asked if we could share it as a blog post. The question is below and Amy’s response follows.  

Are Catholic influencers still considered behind other faith based groups in getting the message out?

In some ways, yes.  In other ways, Catholic influencers are soaring way above the rest. 

Let's look at how Catholics are leading the way in getting out the message of the Gospel.  

First, the Bible in a Year podcast - this podcast has been ranked #1 in the U.S. two years in a row! 

Another great way Catholic Influencers are leading the way is with the prayer app Hallow.  

The makers of the Hallow app made a quality prayer app.  Some people started using it and  really felt that this app helped them to pray more in their daily life.  As a result, they shared the app with others.  This sharing went all the way to a TV studio, where Mark Wahlberg was being interviewed.  Someone shared the app with him, and he used his influence to share it on his platform.  

This is how the world of "influencers" can work!

The problem with Catholics being behind in our current culture is that, I find, many Catholics dislike - even hate - the term, "influencer".  

I have had people tell me this personally.  Many Catholics who use social media to evangelize strongly dislike the term influencer.  But here's the problem - when PR reps are searching for Catholics to work with, they are googling "Catholic influencers" and finding  .. . nothing.  They might find a podcast that airs from Australia. 

I know this because last year, a PR professional reached out to me.  She herself is a Catholic, but she does PR work for many different industries.  During this one project, she was helping the makers of the made for tv movie, On a Wing and a Prayer, get some publicity.  

She told me, "I could find Christian influencers everywhere but eventually I started asking myself, 'where are all the Catholic influencers'?"  She thought that there has to be some out there - and finally she did somehow find me - but it took her a lot more work to find me than it did to find non-Catholic Christian influencers.  

I think part of the problem is the resistance to this word.  I know the Gospel doesn't translate "go be an influencer for Christ"; but I do feel that being a LIGHT in the darkness this day and age - calls us to be more open to this word, this title, 'influencer'.  But I will add, it's not for our sake, but because God has placed a mission on our heart to bring others closer to His Heart, and that must be our goal, first and foremost.

I wonder how many other people search for Catholic influencers, but don't dig deeper.  This may lead to people just following non-Catholic Christian influencers.  Our faith is so rich - and often so misunderstood.  Embracing the term influencer - for the sake of the Kingdom, could help bring more souls back to Christ.

Perhaps being less afraid of the term influencer could allow the world to see more practicing Catholics living the faith.


Amy offers a free resource: "How to Network as a Catholic Online" guide.

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