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Is God asking you to write your story?

Introducing a LIVE six-week writing experience for aspiring Catholic authors

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Is God asking you to write your story?

Introducing a six-week writing experience for aspiring Catholic authors

Putting Your Thoughts To Paper

If you've always dreamt of writing a book but felt overwhelmed by the creative process, this experience will give you the guidance and structure you need to make that dream a reality. Allow me to diffuse the confusion and guide you in telling your story. I'm not just about theory here.  Let's make real progress!


Professional, Authentically Catholic Writing Advice

As a published author and editor (and spiritual director), I know what authors need to be successful in the craft of writing and publishing--all while being true to themselves and their vocation. Receive the practical advice you need to tell your story in a memorable way to not only build your audience, brand, or business--but ultimately, to grow in union with the Divine Author Himself and give Him glory.


Community Support

A vibrary support community can be so powerful, especially for creative endeavors. Memoir with a Message will connect you with other Catholic writers seeking to further their writing skills, deepen their understanding of their unique calling, and create their first works alongside you!

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Course Details



Six Online Sessions

Each Wednesday via Zoom




Coming this April




7 pm Central Time

Seventy-five minute sessions (approximately)


Meet Your Teacher...

Hi, I'm Claire Dwyer - wife, mother, author.

I’m a full-time work-from-home Catholic wife and mom of six who somehow also finds time for what she loves: words.

I’m an avid reader, speaker, writer, and author of the best-selling This Present Paradise: A Spiritual Journey with St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, published by Sophia Institute Press, and I'm currently under contract for a second book.

I’m also a certified copywriter and developmental editor with a clear sense of how words work on a page to be memorable and move readers.

After years of being asked, how do I write a book? I realized that the storyteller in all of us sometimes needs help in going from a swirl of ideas to a published work.

And I knew I could help—I’m not only a writer, I’m a spiritual director, mentor, and empathetic listener who knows how to draw out your stories and find the common (and sometimes broken) threads, weaving them into something beautiful.

I’m a natural teacher who can show you how to read like a writer and recognize mastery so that you can create your own written work of art. I’ll point out the necessary elements of the best kind of books, what makes a compelling story, and how to structure your own story—all within the unique worldview that sets Catholic literature apart.

You have a story—and yet somehow you know that ultimately, it’s not about you. It’s a Christ-centered story set in the center of salvation history.

Let’s get it out into the waiting world.

Here's what we'll cover...

  • Get to know why writing a book, and specifically a memoir, is the perfect project for not only growing a platform or business but also understanding yourself on a deeper level: your story, your message, and how it all fits into the big picture of salvation history.
  • Come to a greater understanding of your project by gaining clarity around the plot, premise, pivot, and promise of your book.
  • Begin to outline your memoir using my signature five-part structure as a starting point. This week is a major push forward in creating momentum for the remainder of your creative endeavor.
  • We will work together to develop your most authentic voice as a writer and identify your ideal reader. The more you understand these concepts, the more compelling your words will become.
  • Master the art of telling stories, setting scenes, and writing highlighter-worthy lines that will resonate deeply with your ideal reader and bring your project to life. Be engaging, memorable--and quotable.
  • You will determine the best time for you to compose and design a writing life to maximize creativity and productivity within your (probably already very busy) schedule.
  • This cohort is for all aspiring writers but will include a bonus session for Catholic coaches, designed to help you envision how your book can help potential clients see you as the guide you are—someone who understands their pain points and can help get them to the other side. We’ll talk about how your story, told in the context of the Faith, can give others hope and an eternal perspective--positioning you as a thoughtful and transformative leader, generating trust, and inspiring action.

Course Agenda

  Week 1

❖ Know Your Why

  Week 2

❖ Gaining Clarity

  Week 3 

❖ Crafting Your Outline

  Week 4 

❖ Developing Your Voice

  Week 5 

❖ The Art of Storytelling

  Week 6 

❖ Design Your Writing Life

❖ Wrap up / Next steps

Everything you need to craft an outline for your first memoir.

Over these six-weeks, we'll meet together, pray for the anointing of your creative work, and for the successful completion of your project.

This Writing Mastery Course includes:

  • Weekly LIVE Coaching
    Each week, our class will meet LIVE via Zoom to work through that weeks content. I will coach you through our topic of the week and provide you your assignment for the next 7 days.
  • Video Course Portal
    The weekly training video will be added to your private course portal to be viewed as needed, as well as the downloadable worksheets to assist you in creating your work each week. Includes access for six-months. 
  • Private, Supportive, Faith-Filled Community
    We weren't meant to go at it alone. This course will serve you with support and accountability as we tackle the project of outlining your first book together. Share in the creative process and pray for one another's journey.
Catholic Coach? Read more here.

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Join the Memoir with a Message writing mastery course today and journey with me ever deeper into the Heart of the Father, discover in this sacred place the unique and unrepeatable story He created you to share with the world.

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