Our Stories and the Ongoing Drama of Salvation

You are invited to view the replay of our this Write These Words event exploring the astonishing reality that God’s salvation story is still being written in and through our lives.

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In this webinar, Jeff shares his personal story of: 

  • restlessness
  • rebellion
  • reversion
  • and restoration

Realize, through his testimony, how there are signs and symbols in our personal ‘old testaments’—the parts of us where we have yet to let Jesus Christ fully reign—waiting to be fulfilled beyond our imaginings.

Our hope for this live, online webinar with one of the world’s foremost scripture scholars and teachers is that each of us will be inspired to give God permission (as Mother Teresa would often say)— to take up His pen again and continue, with our yes, to tell the world the story of His love and limitless mercy.

When we see our personal stories as part of the continually unfolding drama of salvation, as fitting into a sweeping context more grand than we can imagine, we better receive the assurance that truly, “in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.” (Rom 8:28)

Jeff Cavins’ story is a compelling illustration of that promise—full of twists and turns, and ultimately, as is so often the case with God, complete and perfect circles. 

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Join Claire Dwyer and Mike Fontecchio of Write These Words as they discuss with Jeff Cavins his return to the Church and the miraculous confirmations along the way that reveal how perfectly the Divine Author plots our narratives—and makes them part of His own.